Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First comes love, then comes marriage

So where the hell is our baby carriage?!

Oh thats right, we haven't got one! Why? Oh, because apparently I have been labeled as having secondary infertility. Boooooooo!! Whatever.

Secondary shmecondary.

Aunt Flo is due to be arriving soon. The whore. The gloves are off at this point. No more Mrs. Nice guy......er, girl. I recant any previous offers of a truce. That bitch is going down. Apparently, she doesn't know who she is fucking with. Someone should have told her. I'm Irish, I don't back down. I was nice. I asked. I begged. I pleaded. Fuck that. Game on!! Bring it.

But with her impending visit, I also have the impending HSG. Fuck me. Apparently with a catheter. *shudder*
I've almost accepted that I have to have this stupid thing. I guess I have no choice. Though the hella immature side of me is going; "what the fuck?! Why do I have to go through all of this shit!? Its HIS boys that are chasing their tails!" And then I take a deep breath. And regain some of my maturity, and I know...I have to do this so we can move forward. It just sucks. I've decided NOT to read anymore about them, because there are entirely too many scary ass stories out there. And I do not need anything else to feed my hysteria. Nope, nope, nope.

I was talking to a friend today, and I verbalized that I kinda felt like giving up, just quitting. I of course don't actually want to stop trying to get pregnant. I was feeling bad for myself. It happens. I try not to do it often, but it does get the best of me sometimes. Anyway...her response was "well, they say thats when couples get pregnant. When they stop trying" And she is right. THEY do say that. What I want to know is;

And how is it exactly that THEY know so much? Or think they do. THEY seem to have something to say about everything.

here is what THEY have to say:

"relax it'll happen"
"it'll happen when you least expect it"
"you learn something new everyday"
"tomorrow is another day"
"if its not one thing...its another"
"things have to get better, they cant get any worse"
"no where to go but up!"
"Nobody ever said life was fair"
"what you don't know, wont hurt you"
"you know what they say about men with big feet"
"They say that the two things you should never discuss are religion and politics, because no matter what you say or do, someone will wind up offended"
"you know what they say about assumptions"

Well, y'know what I say? Fuck THEM. Where do THEY get off acting like THEY know everything. THEY can kiss my milky white ass. Because I disagree!!

Sometimes, for some people...it WONT happen no matter how fucking much they relax.

People who are TTC, ALWAYS FUCKING EXPECT IT! So bang goes that theory. Dick head.

There are days they go by, that I don't learn a damn thing. In fact, there are days that go by where I am pretty sure I have UN learned things.

You're right tomorrow IS another day. Is that supposed to make me feel better about not being able to get pregnant? Because guess what......I probably wont be pregnant tomorrow either you insensitive taint!

No, no, no....sometimes...its just that ONE thing.

Things can ALWAYS get worse. What kind of make believe word do THEY live in???

Down, y'know...the opposite of up. Down works.

Nobody ever said life was fair...AKA, quit your bitching. Yea well, I got something for ya chief...

What I don't know can kill me actually you ninny! What I don't know can keep my husband and I from having a baby.

They wear big shoes. Duh. Because I hope you weren't implying that men with big feet have big dicks. Because that is just a big damn lie. And false advertisement.

I am not religious, nor do I care any about politics. However....if I did care about either of those things. I would talk about them. Its my right to do so.

Assumtions.....ahem....I think THEY assume a whole fucking lot.

So, here is the question. We don't even know who this collective they is.


Give me names and credentials, and MAYBE....just maybe, I'll buy into some of it. Until then. No freakin thank you.


Deborah said...

Oh THEY! I agree they suck and whatever it is they say, well, who asked anyway. LOL-love the post, you say, what I've been thinking.

fertility challenged said...

THEY are definately hard to ignore. I find that they sneak up on you too. From a well meaning friend, or your mother. Ugh.

Xbox4NappyRash said...


I personally love the suggestions of 'taking a break from it'.

Yeah, sure, my spunk often creeps out of me and into my wife when we are not looking.

Murgdan said...

*sigh* YEP. YEP. and YEP.

My period showed this morning AS i was in the midst of a horrid semen sample nightmare AND my HSG is on Tuesday. I agree. I don't want to read anymore. I'm staying in denial till around noonish that day.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

We care because it gets under our skin...

Don't worry about the HSG--just take a relaxant beforehand. Both for your nerves and because it will relax the uterus and ease the cramping from the catheter. No ativan or valium on hand--you can also take advil (you want an anti-inflammatory) beforehand. Maybe an hour before. And breathe, breathe, breathe.

Kristin said...

Amen says the chorus. My (least) favorite thing said when we kept losing pregnancy after pregnancy after pregnancy was, "I don't know why you are so desperate to have another baby. You already have two."

GRRRRR...Don't tell me how to fricking FEEL!

womb for improvement said...

My personal favourite recently by someone who really should have know better: "Don't worry apparently your fertility doesn't go down until you are about 35". Well my fertility doesn't seem to be particularly up just now, and that gives me three years left after nearly two of trying. (And yes she has two children conceived within about 2 months each time).

Stace said...

Good luck with the HSG! I can't say it doesn't suck... because it does. But I brought my hubby in the room with me and that helped. And I lived to see the rest of the day... :) But, trust me, you get more and more used to spreading your legs and opening up to everyone who wants to see. It's part of the territory. :) Enjoy the ride, but I hope you are off it SOON!