Friday, August 22, 2008


We had our first visit with our RE.


My first visit with the dildo cam. Boy am I glad I shaved my legs and painted my toenails. Good call.

So yea, we went and we met with her intern first, he asked a bunch of questions, we answered them.....I think we impressed him with our knowledge. No,No, I impressed him with MY knowledge. DH, just sat there agreeing and nodding.
The office was nice, quiet...pretty tiny and not another soul in there. We were the only ones. Which I was very thankful for. We filled out the little bit of paper work, and I don't think we had to wait for more than 3 minutes in the waiting room. Again, BIG plus in my book.

We met with her and the intern reiterated all the info, and then I was off to be violated AGAIN. Yay. The intern did the exam, and the internal ultrasound. Dr.C was in the room though and she pointed out my uterus, and the lining and showed me both my ovaries. Everything looked good.
Back into her office, and hey guess what? she wants me to have an HSG....y'know just to be sure. Its just the next step. I'm guessing she saw the flicker of terror in my eyes, because she assured me, that there are things she does that make it as comfortable as possible. I'm glad SHE is going to be doing it, where as if I had it done through my Gyno, some random radiologist would have done it. And frankly I dont trust the hospital in T-town. So, I'll call her office on day one of AF and set it up. *sigh * I guess I gotta do what I gotta do.
DH has to do another SA. Apparently his wasnt all that awful. From what I remember she said;
normal motility is 50%......his was 47% thats not to bad
and morphology, normal is 14% and his was 9% again...not perfect but not horrid. So why the fuck arent we pregnant?! It must be me.
So basically thats it in a nutshell. We went, we met, I saw my innards. And the journey begins.


Sully Sullivan said...

"some random radiologist"

Yep. This happened to my girlfriend and it was not pretty. It resulted in her changing doctor's offices.

Good luck with everything.

Megs said...

Oh...the HSG day. Not gonna lie, it was not the most pleasant experience for me. I had the wonderful joy of getting that doctor who isnt a gyno, but has to know how to do the test, and really doesnt care how much pain he inflicts...yeah, not cool. Im really glad you have your RE doing the procedure.

Yeah, get used to the wonderful camera. I was violated with the little guy every time I walked in the office for my IUI cycles. You eventually just kind of get used to it. So to

I wish you luck with everything! Hang in there!!

Malky B. said...

Some docs say morphology should be 30% to be "normal" so 9% is kind of low.

Motility at 47% is pretty good.

womb for improvement said...

I do that, throw in a few medical terms to prove I've done my research whilst the husband smiles, nods, and leaves asking what the fuck I was going on about.

Trust me the HSG will be fine. Really. You've done the child birth thing already. If it is taht painful its because they've found a blockage so it'll be pain with a cause.

Michelle said...

My HSG was no worse than a normal pap smear... so keep in mind it can be painless. Best of luck!

keir said...

For the record, I piped in from time to time, though I'm not going to lie, I didn't throw down the jargon, simply because 1) my bride is becoming a formidable lingo-ninja; and b) I'm a geek, not a nerd, and there's a difference.

And yeah, I said lingo-ninja...when it comes to doc-speak on the baby making front, and especially the acronyms? She's like silent death. =) *Wha-pannggg!*

Sarah said...

Well, Malky...He'll get the next one done and we'll see what it is then. Maybe I remembered wrong. Or maybe she was just being nice. Who knows. Lets see what the next test brings I suppose.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

the morphology figure I would be a bit iffy about, you tend to want (average) 30%.

But there are dozens of permutations with volume, count and motility too so 10% can be better than 50% in some cases.

The repeat test is normal too, off days are not uncommon.

Sarah said...

like I said..its very possible I misunderstood, or crossed my numbers. My head is in the friggin clouds.
The next time we are there, I will ask for a copy of all of this so I can look over things at home instead of trying to memorize it all in her office.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Yeah, and it all depends on how they score it too.

motility has 4 grades etc, but your need 50% in the first two grade combined.

Can be confusing.

We ALWAYS came away forgetting stuff.
Now we always take copies of everything.

Sarah said...

ow. My head just exploded.