Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I *Heart* BJ's..

The store you dirty birds. Although.....wait, what?

I love buying in bulk. I buy bulk toilet paper, because with two men in the house, you can NEVER have enough toilet paper. Bulk paper towels. Bulk Peanut butter....We are a family of peanut butter whores! I will eat just about anything if it has peanut butter on it. Seriously. I've considered support groups, but every time I try to flip through the yellow pages my fingers stick to the pages. Mmmmmm peanut butter goodness.
What was I talking about? Ohhh right, buying in bulk. Bulk deodorant. Just cause I can. Bulk everything really. Its cheaper.
But never in a million years did I think I would be buying bulk Ovulation test sticks and pregnancy tests. Shit.
I did though. I just ordered them the other day, and got my shipment confirmation this AM. Hoooo boy! Bulk test strips.
I get a discount on the tests because I can buy them from the pharmacy I work in, but even with the meager discount...those fucking things add up!! I mean shit, I'm only peeing on them for fucks sake. And I dont get to keep them, I throw them away.
So, I found a web site through the place we order our vitamins that sells the sticks, not the mid stream ones but the ones you dip in the urine, in a cup. Ew. I had to buy 2 cups to go with my bulk strips. But they were really cheap so who cares. Bottom line;
I ordered 25 ovulation test strips, and 10 pregnancy test strips from, and 2 pee cups. Total cost was still way less than the ONE OPK I bought at work. So, thats good. Really freakin good.

I'm still blown away by the fact that I needed to order them at all. Seriously. 25 ovulation test strips.
What the wheezy!!??

I have a sinking feeling I'll be placing a bigger order. I fucking hate sinking feelings. Boooooo!!

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