Sunday, September 28, 2008

Final countdown

Who else hates that song?

Anyway, 4 days to go till Dear Aunt Flo( that miserable bitch) shows herself. I already know she'll be here. I managed to steer clear of the whole getting my hopes up drama this cycle. Amazingly enough. Despite that fact that we timed EVERYTHING perfectly, and I could very easily misconstrue PMS signs for early pregnancy. I did not. See what a cynical bitch I am?
So, she'll come...I'll have myself a mini pity party in the bathroom when she does. And then I'll be a big girl and call Dr.C to set up my HSG. Woo-friggin-hoo!
After I have it*shudder* if I check out, I am going to beg her to start me on injectables and set up an IUI.
I need something to feel hopeful about. Because I have obviously lost all hopes of us doing this on our own. Be it his man juice, or maybe I have hinky tubes....whatever the case may be, we aren't getting pregnant. And it seems everyone around us is. Bitches.
K's bands drummers wife....4 months.
My dear friend D...5 weeks and 5 days.
and about a MILLION other woman I have seen over the last week.....FUCKING KNOCKED UP.

My turn! Dammit.

And thats about it, nothing really interesting to say.


womb for improvement said...

Broken leg syndrome. The pregnants have always walked among us but it is only now we see them. Everywhere.

Murgdan said...

I just got back from Minneapolis you know...and it was FULL of freakin' pregnant people everywhere! They were invading my trip!!!

(still hope she doesn't show for you)

Sarah said...

They invaded your vacation?! This is unacceptable!! I think the only place we'll be able to escape them is to go where pregnant people dont. Which is.....uh......crap.

I hope she doesnt either. But I already know she will. =(

Stace said...

Good luck!

And, really, the HSG isn't that bad! :) Hang in there!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

The way the two set of symptoms are so similar it's quite evilish funny.

if you have a demented sense of humour of course.

good luck with the wait.

indianist said...

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