Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The good, the bad and the spermy

Sperm count: 88 million, normal is 28 million. Woo!
motility: 67%, target is 50%. Sa-weet.
volume: 1.8cc...ummmm, OK. Is that good?
Morphology: 8%, acceptable is 14%. Shit. Its gone down. It was 9% last time. Bah!

Oh and....
We have detected the flippin LH surge. HUZZAH!

And once again today JUST so happens to be HUMP DAY. A coincidence? I submit that it is not!

Project Hump N'Hope is still in full effect. We have the surge. I'm not totally defective.

I am starting to resume my normal snarky self. Not quite 100%, but I'll get there soon.


womb for improvement said...

My God you are prolific. No sooner do I comment than you blog again! Happy Humpage.

Murgdan said...

There are 7 million perfect sperm. That's not too shabby, my dear. I wouldn't be surprised if they just set you up for an IUI in the near future..if you don't get pregnant THIS cycle that is...
Happy Humpin'!!! :-)))

Sarah said...

Haha! WFI, you call it prolific...some call it pathetic.

Murgdan-I still have to schedule the stupid HSG. Unless by some miracle we actually DO get pregnant this month.

Hope N'Hope!

Elfie33 said...

Happy Humpin Hun..May you be fruitful and Multiply..*grins*

SAHW said...

Hope you're having a happy hump day. ;)

Thank you so much for dropping by my in the world did you even remember my u/s is scheduled for tomorrow?? In truth, I am freaking out and panicking, but doing so is making my physically ill, so I am trying to force myself to calm down...Either way, in less than 24 hours it'll be over, and I'll be updating. Praying hard for a happy update. :)

PJ said...

I would take that 8 percent and jump for joy! I mean, hump with joy!!!!!

My guess... they will have you do the HSG, and run some other pretty mundane tests. And if all of that goes A OK, they will have you guys do IUI. My guess.

You know... cuz I am sooooo successful at this stuff and all.

I'm glad you're gettin' your mojo back.

Kelley said...

Dammit. It is Thursday. I missed out. And I am boycotting next Wednesday.

Hope your humping is um, good???

Anonymous said...

Hopeful your Humpin' was Humpriffic

G said...

Happy Humpin :)

BTW I have no issues with swearing lol