Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nom noms, my sexy husband and the HSG.

AKA, I had no clever title for this post. But whatever, right?

I have my HSG appointment scheduled for Friday the 10th at 10:45am. Woot.
Can you feel my excitement? Its almost palpable. Om nom nom!

Speaking of nom noms.....I have just recently started the south beach diet. NO carbohydrates. *sniffle* I looove carbs. Oh what I wouldn't do for a big fat sangwich right now. Things that are probably illegal in most states. I love bread, pasta, chips......oh carbs how I love thee! But, not as much as I looooove being thin. I have decided enough is enough. I cant be this fat anymore. For a number of reasons;

1.) I wanna be sexy for my sexy husband. Because he is freakin HOT, and deserves to have his hot wife back, not this fat frumpy NON pregnant heffalump.

2.)IF and when we actually DO get pregnant....I don't wanna end up being 300lbs!! Ack!

3.)There is a really good possibility that IF and when we get pregnant, I will have gestational diabetes again, and being mindful of the carbohydrates and sugars I eat is a good thing to be used to.

4.)I am now predisposed to type II diabetes. Being a lard ass isn't going to help that. Oink Oink!

5.)Did I mention how hot my husband is? Well he IS...and I feel like twiggy and Moo when we are out together. I wanna be sexy again. =P

And there you have it. I'm officially on a very strict diet. It ain't easy, but it will be worth it. And I have Mr. Mchealthy to help me out.

Back to the HSG....I'm okay with it, actually in a really sick sort of way....I'm looking forward to it. Not the being spread eagle and having fluid forced into my uterus part. But this means we will be able to start moving forward. Maybe, juuuuust maybe towards a baby. Now that is something to look forward to! Y'know, as long as my shit isnt all busted up in there.


AmyC623 said...

Holy crap - I could've written this post. Well, the part about the carbs, anyway. Good luck on your diet! I soooooooo need to get on that bandwagon!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

In my best Rikki Lake, you go girl...

although Rikki is probably a bad example...

SAHW said...

Good for've got so many motivations that hopefully it will be easy for you to stick to your goals. :)

I looked forward to all my procedures for the same reason...each step is a step forward. :)

womb for improvement said...

I know what you mean i was sort of excited about my HSG because its another thing to cross off the list before they'll start helping you with the actual getting pregnant bit.

No carbs though *shudder* good luck.

Jane G said...

I'd find it hard to do without my carbs, being the spud munching irish woman that I am.

Good luck with the HSG.

Lady LaCasse said...

Ok seriously are you a fruit cup or what... I luv me some carbs to!! Hell yeah with some steps forward!!

Courtney said...

Just wanted to tell you- I have lost 46lbs so far on South Beach! I started at the end of Feb and I really have been happy!! You can do it- if I can do it!! Start getting revived up for your whole wheat pasta and breads!! I can't tell the difference anymore!! GL!!