Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I rocked MY vote.

I voted today. For the very first time. Yay me! I made said vote with a raging headache and feeling slightly nauseous. But I did it.

I also had my pre-op today. We met with Dr.C and she made me feel so much better. I broke down and cried in her office. I'm sure I've mentioned how much I hate to cry....bah! I had a quick rendezvous with the dildo cam, and Marge is still there and as big as she was last time. Whore. I gave about 900 vials of blood, peed in a cup, filled out paper work, was warned about all the things that COULD happen but are rare, got my special soap, talked with the nurse. It was a loooong visit. And thats where the blinding headache came from. I still have it, thankfully not nearly as bad though. I have to go BACK to work tonight when K gets home, so I'm sure it'll come back full force. Goodie.

Dr.C said most of the time its cool to start trying again with the next cycle. I HOPE we can, otherwise we'll have to wait til Jan. I don't want to wait til January! Fingers crossed. Not so much the legs though. For obvious reasons.

I wish I had time for a nap. I am physically and mentally shot. Its been a long day.


PJ said...

Special soap???

I hope it is NOT January when you get to cycle!

Good for you for voting! I always feel kinda proud of myself when I vote.

BTW, the Word Verification was frocker! For some reason that tickles me!

womb for improvement said...

Well done for voting!

And I'm with pj, special soap .. um ... what have I been missing?

My word verification is scabi, which is just wrong.

Lea said...

Yay for voting! :)

I was wondering about the special soap too. Hope your headache goes away! Ouch.

Sarah said...

Its Hibiclens. It destroys germs on the skin. And is used to clean the skin before surgery to reduce the risk of infection. I have to use it the night before and the morning of the surgery.

Stace said...

Yay! For things moving along... and for voting. Not for the ultrasound or procedure or anything. :) Hope things go great and you can move on in December!

G said...

Ooh enjoy your Hibiclens!!

Fingers crossed for not waiting til January!! Of course I will be totally jealous if you get to kick off in December, but I hope Marge doesn't hold up proceedings :)

SAHW said...

Hope Marge gets the message and gets out of there! And I hope nothing else is lurking in there...

Jane G said...

Yay for voting! Must say I was delighted to see the election result.

Hope Marge departs soon.

Sully Sullivan said...

Good luck with the operation and also congrats on your first vote.

Sarah said...

Stacy- you and me both girl.

G- why dont I like the way you said that? I'm familiar with the soap...but am I in for some sort of unpleasant surprise???

Sahw- Oh please dont let there be ANYTHING else lurking about....please.

Jane- I am SO SO SO happy with the results of the election!

Sully- Thanks. =)