Monday, November 3, 2008


Well...sort of anyway. This is the only picture of me in costume where you cant see my double chin. Or where I don't look like a large snake that actually swallowed Medusa. Me and my baby sister. She was TANKED. I sadly was not. I tried to get drunk, goddess knows I needed it...I just never managed to get there. BOO!
I somehow got myself into costume, curled my hair and applied my makeup in record time and we were only 45 minutes late to the first party. In my defense I had to work all day so I literally raced home and started getting ready right away. I did my best.

Apparently, I looked like the statue of liberty. According to the gas station attendant I did anyway. Um....weird, I never noticed the cobras atop lady liberty. How odd.

So thats it. For now. Unless someone else steps up and hands me(e-mails me) a picture of me (and maybe my hubby? Lisa...hi there! I know you read this occasionally.) We had a good time at both parties. Good food, good people, and booze....what more could a snake woman ask for?

Marge....thats what I have named my cyst. LARGE Marge to be precise, is being a major whore. I'm fairly certain she has grown. I've been in quite a bit of pain over the last 2 days. Nothing unbearable, so I don't think it has ruptured. I've had a cyst bust on me, and it was by far the most horrible pain I have endured. It made me barf. Thats serious pain right thur! So yea, we hate each other right now. Go figure.
I am officially pre-registered at Hartford Hospital, and we will be meeting with Dr.C tomorrow. AFTER we vote. I will find out all the specifics, and I will let her know that no matter what she may find lurking all up in me, she must do any and everything in her power to preserve my fertility or whats left of it. I have been very worried that something is horribly wrong. Something worse than a cyst. Something that could require removal of parts that I am not ready to part with.
I think I have been stressing some much that I have actually induced acid reflux, or something like it. Good times, gooooodtimes.

I really need a vacation. Or a quite room. Where no one can talk to me. I'll keep my cell phone juuuust in case I need to text someone. But I dont want to hear anymore fucked up things. I don't want ot hear anymore things that will make me cry. Or make me feel sick. Or make me so angry I could cry. I just want a cup of nighty night tea, my cell phone, the TV and thats it. Warm weather would be OK too. I'm a bit chilly.


womb for improvement said...

Oh hun, I don't want to tell you that you are worrying for nothing, I have no idea. But I also know several people who have had annoying but benign cysts that go without any affect on the rest of their parts. Good luck.

Good pic btw.

'Murgdan' said...

1. You are beautiful.
2. Good luck kicking 'large Marge' outta there.
3. I need a vacation too...let's go!

Sarah said...

WFI- I hope very much that I am like those people. Things like this freak me out to NO end. Its not the surgery its self I am scared of, its what they could find whilst poking around. Scary shit.

1. Thanks very much!
2. She is going down!
3. I dont even need to pack! Where we goin?!

KandiB said...

I'm with you, too, on the whole vaca front. It has been way...too...long. Fingers crossed on your surgery. It's going to go well. Like a charm. :)

JJ said...

Love the pic!

Been sending you shrinking vibes for that cyst--I too have been told by my RE and OB that a majority of cysts dont cause any other issues--just the "pain" of waiting them out. Hope she's outta there soon!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Try not to worry too much until you know what's what. It won't help.

And that rack deserves a smile upstairs...

April said...

Aaaahhhh...a vacation DOES sound good right about now. With tacos (come on, like I could forget the Taco Bell to help cheer you up???)

I hope Large Marge takes a PERMANENT vacation!!

And I think your costume totally rocked! And can I USE any more exclamation points, do you think?


Sarah said...

Kandi- Ok, another friend to vaca with...I ask again, when do we leave and where are we going?! =)

JJ- This cyst is a bitch and listens to NO ONE! But thanks just the same.

X- I do have a rather glorious rack. =P

April- I freakin love exclamation marks!!!! Use em with pride baby! Mmmmmm tacos. * drool *