Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who saw this coming?

Oh oh oh!! Pick me! I did!! I did!!

I am officially on birth control.

Fuck me.

Stupid fucking follicle-ridden-cysty bitch ass ovaries!

And while I'm at it....I'm gonna mother fuck K's "Arnie" sperm. Stupid shits!! We fucking drew the map, hell we dropped them off at their destination and those dumb fuckers couldn't do one simple thing! ARGH!! And now I'm on birth control. Lovely. Juuuuust fucking lovely.

And yes, we have changed "his" name. We have to joke, or we'll lose our minds. Arnie.....from whats eating Gilbert Grape. One of my favorite movies.


Angry Infertile said...

Welcome to the unwanted BCP club!!! I am on BCPs for 42 days!!! AAAGGHHH!!! I am halfway there!!! Nobody ever tells you, you have to take BCPs in order to get pregnant!!! (sorry for all the exclamation marks!!!)

Lea said...

I love Gilbert Grape too. :)

Sorry about the BCP. I had to take them for 2 months before & after my lap. Hope it goes REALLY fast.

Megan said...

I'm on BCP too. It's irritating. I hope your cysts clear up soon.

G said...

Aaarghhhh I'm so sorry to hear that!!! BCP sucks!!

Arnie is a good name... "I could go at any time. Any time."

Megs said...

BCP's suck!! I feel your pain right now too. It's interesting how this all works isnt it? Or wait, it really pisses me off sometimes!! It's the total opposite of the goal we are doesnt make any sense.

womb for improvement said...

My God how many of us are on bloody birth control? You, me, Angry Infertile, Megan.

We should form some kind of club. We could call it "Contraception Users, No Trying". If only I could think of a handy acronym ...

April said...

Ooh that movie is GREAT!!!

I'm sorry about all the damn stress you're going through!

Kelley said...


That sucks.

This better damn work or I will give you some pancreas punching lessons for the doc.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

*dips into his bag of sayings, unwraps note and announces*

"Your baby isn't ready for you yet"

*puts bag of shithawk sayings back in drawer*

Jane G said...

Another Gilbert Grape fan here. Johnny Depp was sooooo hot in that movie.

BCP, what a bummer. We were disallowed from "trying" for a whole year while the docs tried to get my hormone levels right. It was a bloody long year I can tell you.