Wednesday, August 1, 2007

So far..but really, do we need this? Its always the same...

8-2007: Started trying to conceive

2-2008: Started worrying, should we be pregnant by now? Started paying MUCH closer attention to my cycles and charting.

7-2008: DH went to urologist(a-hole!),and had semen analysis done,we found out he has low motility,or at least thats what we were told. I've made us an appointment with an RE.

8-2008: Went to my gynecologist, she said everything looks great. Nice happy cervix, perfect pap. Etc.
Had first appointment with RE. She decided I need to have an HSG, just to be sure. And another SA for the hubby. Hurry up and wait.

9-2008: Got DH's second SA, better but not great. Motility and count went up, morphology went down. Boo! I was told, "its not that bad". Had HSG, everything looked fine. No blockages.

10-2008: Had follow up visit with RE, and we decided to move to an IUI with injectables. YAY! Progress!! **Cycle canceled due to a big ass cyst.**

11-2008: Had lap. Removed 5cm cyst from my left ovary and found another one wrapped AROUND my right fallopian tube! Everything else looked good. Realized me and percocets, DO NOT belong together.
IUI postponed until further notice.

12-2008: Nothing. Nothing at all.

1-2009: 1/06- Started injections of Gonal-F. 1/15- had IUI. BFN. Started B/C to try and clear up 12 left over follicles from the last cycle. Ugh!

2-2009: We've made the decision to take a break. We'll get "back in the saddle" in a couple of months though.

3-2009: Nothing, nada, zero.....aint nuthin happenin.

4-2009: Still not pregnant. No freakin surprise there. Except now, I'm OK with it. Mostly. OK, maybe not really OK..but, I've been worse. Oh, and my RE retired this month. Humpf!

5-2009: Meh. Still nothing. However, I did make an appointment with the new RE for a "consultation". Thats good, right? Edit* Canceled new RE appointment. Blah.

6-2009: No baby, but I did lose 7lbs so far. Its a start. Only 23lbs( I lie...its more than that!) to go and then I'll make my appointment with the new RE.

7-2009: Once again, no baby. I did however lose a total of 16lbs! Woot! Just that much closer to my goal.

8-2009: Nothing. Just nothing. =(

9-2009: *sigh* This is getting ridiculous. Still not pregnant. No signs or hopes that I ever will be.

10-2009: My period decided to mess with me, and give me hopes again. But just like every other time...not pregnant.

11-2009: I. Am. So. Fucking. Sick. Of. This.

12-2009: Another year, gone. Another year without becoming pregnant. Look out 2010, here we come.

1-2010: Back on track. Started Gonal-F injections 1-31-10. Ps...UCONN, is the suck. Totally unimpressed with the fact that they just cant seem to get shit right. Hopefully they manage to knock us up on the first go round, cause I'm not looking forward to dealing with them for much longer.

2-2010: 2-12, had second IUI. Using the best "sample" yet...fingers crossed. 2-26 Yet ANOTHER failed IUI. Apparently, the "best sample" didnt count for shit. 2-27-10 started on birth control. Fucking cysts.

3-2010: Started the gonal-f AGAIN on 3-16, apparently had one follicle that sucked all that medication up and grew at a fast rate because I had to trigger on the 22nd. WTF?! Third IUI done 3-24-10. With one stupid follicle.

4-2010: Yet another failed IUI. Starting Follistim 4-10. Had 4th and final IUI on 4-19. Next step, IVF

5-2010: Def still not pregnant. Had IVF consultation and hey guess what? Thats where we are headed!

6-2010: Same shit, different month....

7-2010: Had saline sonogram and it turns out, I have a perfect uterus. Yay me. WHY AM I NOT PREGNANT THEN?! Geez!!

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