Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm beating a dead horse arent I?

Well, I did find a clinic that is about a 1/2 hour away from my house. But I still cant seem to figure out how to make this work. The thing is, with my job if I don't take the hours...someone else will. I've been really lucky lately in that I've been able to pick up quite a few extra hours. And if I start treatments again, I'll lose hours. That scares me. Also, I would need to work my schedule out at least a month in advance. What happens if I work my schedule around for treatments, and then something goes wrong again? Like a cyst. Been there done that. Then, not only am I down hours, I'm also back to square one with the baby thing. Or lack thereof.

As you know, my RE retired. And we were referred to the New Britain office. Well the new Doc wants to meet with us for a "consultation" before ANYTHING will be done. Because, well all of them are different. They have nothing available until may 6th.
The place thats a bit closer to home doesn't have anything until the end of May, start of June. Ack.

How do people do it? How do people have full time jobs AND do fertility treatments? I just don't fucking get it. My tiny little mind is officially boggled.

I feel like I've been asked the question;

"So, you want a baby? But how badly do you REALLY want it?"

I want a baby so badly that sometimes I feel like I cant breathe. I just don't know how to do everything all at once.
Work full time.
Be a full time mom to my hella awesome 8 year old.
Be a full time wife.
And do fertility treatments.

Please, if anyone has any ideas, I'm open to suggestions.


womb for improvement said...

I have no answers, just lots of sympathy.

Courtney said...

I didnt think I had time either but I just did it cause I wanted to try and get pregnant and it took a few months of taking off and using my "maternity" time I saved up to do u/s and whatnot but it was worth it in the end!! You'll do the right thing whatever it is you decide! MUAH

Sully Sullivan said...

Have a kid, kids are awesome. They're very messy, ignorant, saucy little bastard. Just like me.

Casey said...

I say follow your heart and don't worry about the what if's until you get to the what if's. Don't think about bumps until you get there, and if I can help you with anything, let me know.

Gwen said...

Sarah - I'm sorry for all that you're going through. My sister-in-law went through the same thing a few years ago. She tried IVF and it didn't work. She ended up taking in two foster kids (including a 6 week old baby)and eventually adopted them. I know it's not the same thing as having your own, and I'm sure you've thought about that already. I think that regular, straight adoption can be expensive. But fostering to adoption is FREE. My sister-in-law was offered TWO newborns while she was fostering. She turned them down because she already was fostering the two girls she eventually adopted. Those newborns were adopted by families who couldn't have their own. I really hope you get everything you're dreaming for. Whoever you become mommy to will be the luckiest little boy or girl in the world.

G said...

I wish I had the answers for you, I really do!! It only worked for me cos my clinic was like 2 doors down from my work, and my hours were slightly flexible.

Hope you work something out xx

Trinity of Deplorable Futility said...
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Sarah said...

Hi Friar tuck! I've missed you. I've always wanted my own troll as a pet. I think you'd look cute in a little pink collar.

Trinity of Deplorable Futility said...
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Trinity of Deplorable Futility said...
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Anonymous said...
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