Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sa-rah princess of power!

I am a warrior!

I've finished my shopping for the upcoming baby shower I have to go to. I can honestly say, that it was quite difficult for me to do. Stupid baby stuff. Stupid baby smells. Stupid baby showers. Stupid me for feeling this way!

But its done. Now, I just have to worry about making it through the shower itself. Which I can only imagine that if shopping for the shower was tough, said shower should be a royal kick in the crotch. Ugh. To be very honest.....I don't want to go. For a multitude of reasons. That I'm not going to get into.

But I am going. Because I am a warrior princess...or something. I'm going to go for my friend. Because I am a good friend.

I figure, if I can make it through the entire shower without sobbing, I will be the strongest woman in the world. Like fuckin She-ra.

"Only a few others share this secret. Among them are Murgdan, Infertility on the brain, WFI, Jane G and Angry Infertile. Together me and my friends of the Great Rebellion try to defend the TTC'ers from the evil forces of BABY SHOWERS."

And that was my attempt at funny for the day. Forgive my lameness!


Bottoms Off said...

I am in awe of you. There is no way I could go to a baby shower right now.

Felicia said...

Ah yes, the baby shower. It is definitely a painful event full of torture. I went to one a couple of months ago and vowed to try to avoid them at all costs. Has to leave that one early because I could not take anymore. First there was the constant "when are you having a baby so we can throw you a shower?" Then all of the games that were a constant slap in the face. Yeah at the end of the touch the belly every hour game I was such a bundle of tears that I had to leave.

It definitely takes super-human powers to survive the even. Hats off to you - be strong!

Megs said...

I hate that it has to be this way for us. I hate that we arent having baby showers ourselves. I havent even begun to look for the gift. My mom and I are doing the last minute shopping right before the shower. Maybe it will be better that way? Wishful thinking? Probably.

The closer I get, the more that I am really not looking forward to's to hoping we both make it through the shit that is baby showers!!

'Murgdan' said...

You are freaking awesome. I LOVED She-rah Princess of Power! I had the toy and everything. Ohhhh...hang in there. Drink first, maybe?

one-hit_wonder said...

Well, you made me giggle - thanks, I needed that.

I don't attend baby showers, so your superpower must be working. Have never attended one, actually. You'd think that this would tip off the people in my life re: what my problem is. It doesn't.

Casey said...

She-rah is the best!

Just Caz said...

congratulations on your strength
You are amazing!!

Celia said...

I am with you. We are going to a two year olds birthday party tomorrow and it's going to be chock full of pregnant women.

I went to the salon and had my hair double processed and will be drinking. If I can't have a baby I might as well go whole hog.

I donwanna go.

Jane G said...

Thankfully we don't have the tradition of baby showers in Ireland. I honestly don't know how you could find the strength to sit through one, you are truly a super hero! The only baby celebrations we have are christenings which I find quite painful this days. We have another one coming up in a month's time, and if I'm not pregnant by then I might just make my excuses. Which makes me feel like a total bitch.

Melissa said...

Good luck trying not to punch someone for suggesting "if you stop trying so hard and it will just happen"... god, those people suck. I too have TWO baby showers this month for cousins that are much younger and both were oops pregnancies. I could throw myself off a bridge.

Sarah said...

Bottoms off- I'm not really sure you should be in awe just yet....lest see if I make in through in one piece first. =)

Felicia- hey, thanks for stopping by! I really hope I dont get any of those type things thrown at me...I plan to stand to the side and smile. Maybe they will just ignore me?

Megs- Oh yea...the shower is the 26th, and the closer it gets...the more panic I am feeling. UGH!

Murgdan- Me too! I used to pretend I was her when I was little. I dunno about the drinking thing. I think it may have one of two side effects....either rage or blubbering...neither of which is really good at someones baby shower.

One hit wonder- People are dumb...thats it. Just dumb. Thanks for reading!

Casey- I know, right?!

Caz- Heh...thanks!

Celia- Ohhhh a toddlers party AND preggos? Eeesh. double whammy huh? Drink up love! And thanks for reading!

Jane G- Thats it! I'm moving to Ireland!! No baby showers?! Thats brilliant! Do you think because I am Irish I can claim its against my heritage?!

Melissa- I swear to all that is good and decent. I will smack a hoe if I hear those words uttered. Ps...thanks for following me! I do loves me some stalkers! =)

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Who gets to be He-Man?


G said...

omg I loved She-ra as well!! And then one of the really annoying mums at work named her baby Shera!!! wtf??

Good luck at the baby shower xx

Sarah said...

X- If ONLY I knew a man(that wasnt my husband because EVERYONE knows He-man was She-ra's twin brother!) that knew the inner workings of infertility.....if only.....Hmmmmmm.

G- Are you freakin kidding me?! Someone actually named their baby that? Did anyone punch her in the throat? Thats ridiculous. I mean, I love She-ra, really I do. But to name a baby that? Jeez. Sounds like they didnt want a baby, they wanted an action figure to play with.

Amy said...

Hi, My name is Amy. I love to read your blog. You remind me of myself. Baby showers are hard to go to. I told one of my best friends about 2 years ago that I couldnt have a shower for her. It was terrible, but thank goodness she understood. Hang in there for that shower, hopefully it will fly by.

Amy said...

Hey Sarah, I am hoping for the same thing with my blog. I need friends who are going through this and know how to support me when I am a basketcase. I am going to use Bravelle. Ever heard of it? What did the RE say was why you arent getting prego?

hereinfranklin said...

Shortly after miscarriage #2 (of 3) I had to go to a family gathering where two nieces announced their pregnancies. I completely understand.

Mandie said...

You are a warrior!

womb for improvement said...

I do share it, I do. And thank God baby showers haven't caught on here, yet. I will do all in my power to defend our borders.

Sarah said...

Amy- Hey there I'm glad you enjoy reading. =) It appears the reason I'm not getting pregnant is because of some slightly wonky sperm issues.
And no, I havent ever dealt with Bravelle. I used Gonal-F.

HIF- Ouch. I'm sorry you ever had to deal with that.

Mandie- I have the power! Oh, wait...thats He-mans line...damn. Thanks for stopping by!

WFI- Be strong my fellow warrior. =)